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Greenhouse Cooling and Humidification

Professional growers know that it is vital to monitor and control all environmental factors that can affect their crops. Critical environmental factors influencing crop growth include :

• optimum humidity levels

• maximum light levels

• ideal temperatures

• reduced plant disease rates 

Humidification in Greenhouses offers the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity - with more viable seedling plugs per crop
  • Increased germination - tests showed up to 98% germination rate within 3 to 4 days of fogging application 
  • Reduced stress on young plants by eliminating excessive changes in temperature and humidity
  • Overall improvement in plant quality and uniformity

Mist Cooling Applications

  • Rotational mould cooling +

    Rotational mould cooling The Aquafog atomizer's powerful combination of airflow and fog rapidly cools rotational moulds. Hang one or more fogging fans close Read More
  • People Cooling at Festivals +

    People Cooling at Festivals The mobile and enormously powerful Aquafog HRSM water atomizer targets cooling applications on construction and mine sites , industrial and factory cooling Read More
  • Evaporative spot cooling in factories +

    Industrial and Commercial Cooling and the impact of temperature on productivity Scientific studies confirm that the temperature in closed environments Read More
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