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SKOV 1250mm - Industrial Misting Fan

SKOV 1250mm - Industrial Misting Fan

SKOV 1250mm Industrial Misting Fan – exchanges a massive 35,000 cubic meters of air per hour and is ideal for large scale cooling or humidification applications

• Includes a  2.5Lpm / 1000 PSI High Pressure Pump/Controller and 28-nozzle misting matrix delivering a phenomenal fogging output - also ideal for  cooling workers on construction sites,  construction workers in tunnels and providing heat stress relief for personnel working on mine sites.



Mist Cooling Applications

  • Rotational mould cooling +

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  • People Cooling at Festivals +

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  • Evaporative spot cooling in factories +

    Industrial and Commercial Cooling and the impact of temperature on productivity Scientific studies confirm that the temperature in closed environments Read More
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