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Rental Equipment

L3  DustKiller™ Dust Control unit - 21Lt /min waterflow

Main features:

  •  For use within close range at Demolition sites, Recycling Areas, Crushers, Quarries and in Tunnels
  •  Extremely compact, easy to handle, easy to operate
  •  2 different spray patterns:

- 'Lance': throwing range about 18m - 'Curtain' coverage: about 90° opening angle - throwing range about 6m

  •  Low water and energy consumption
  •  Extremely agile nozzle head with 2 x REMOTE CONTROLLED electric motors and 360° oscillation

The Fogmaster DM7421 drum mounted odour control system features precision control of water particle size, from a dry, 7-micron ULV (ultra low volume) droplet to the larger particles of conventional fogging and misting equipment.

anotec2ULV application provides greater penetration and diffusion of fog particles, allowing more concentrated solutions to be used and shortening application times. Also, the higher surface to volume ratio of small droplets makes them superior for odour control and other gas contact applications. With precision control and variable output (0-300mls / min), the Fogmaster DM 7421 can handle both oil or water-based solutions. It is easily calibrated in the field to accommodate differences in solution viscosity and density. Application sites include waste treatment plants, paper mills, parks, warehouses, and food storage centres.

For use where temporary industrial odour control and/or dust suppression is required. This unit is supplied on a portable skid and is powered by an onboard diesel generator. Fitted with an oscillating head and utilising the latest in Water Atomiser technology, food grade, fully bio-degradable chemicals are used in conjunction with water - which when distributed by the 20 micron droplet water particles produced by this Water Atomiser , arrest and destroy odiferous molecules. For dust abatement , appropriate chemical additives ensure that the dispersed water droplet is 4 times more effective than plain water - thereby capturing maximum dust particles before bringing them to ground.

This dust control system is trailer-mounted for easy delivery and quick re-positioning on site.

Supplied with:

  • Barrel Fan comprising 10Kw 415v / 50 Hz Motor
  • Multi Stage Booster Pump driven by 4Kw motor.
  • 20 Nozzles emitting 15-70 Lpm of atomised water for Dust Control
  • Oscillation Facility up to 350°for maximum coverage.
  • Tilt Facility up to 60°
  • All functions controlled by Radio Remote
  • Super Silent City Model — Only 65Db
  • 30m Electrical Cable.
  • Capable of up to 40m throw
  • Requires a 35Kva / 32 Amp Power Supply or Generator (not included)

Dual Speed Grundfos Multi Stage Booster Pump driven by 7.5Kw motor.

  • 30 Nozzles for Water Evaporation operation.
  • Includes Oscillation for maximum coverage.
  • 15m of 4” Heavy Duty Suction Hose fitted with foot valve and self cleaning filter
  • 45m Electrical Cable.
  • Capable of up to 55-60m throw
  • Water Consumption is up to 90 Lpm in Dust Control operation and 250 Lpm in Water Evaporation operation
  • Requires a 65Kva Power Supply or Generator (Not Supplied)

Models available include the HRSM Unit for Cooling , Fogging and Humidifying and the CRSM Unit for Chemical Fumigation.
With integral water tank, tilt adjustable head and powerful fan. The 68 Litre tank permits continuous use – can also be connected directly to mains water. Variable water flow rate by means of variable flow stop-cock. Easily moveable over all terrain courtesy of 2 large semi pneumatic wheels, sturdy moulded handles and heavy duty thermo plastic construction.

Engineered for harsh indoor/outdoor environments up to 100% RH. Accessories available include Humidistat, Timer and Thermostat Controls.

Tilt adjustable head and powerful fan. Needs to be connected directly to mains water. Designed to be suspended from wall or ceiling bracket . Used for Cooling, Humidification, Fumigating or Misting. Variable water flow rate by means of separate flow control meter. Engineered for harsh indoor/outdoor environments up to 100% RH.

Accessories available include Humidistat, Timer and Thermostat Controls

1200mm Diameter Fan exchanging 35000 m³ of air per hour. Supplied with 2.5Lpm / 1000psi High Pressure Pump and 28 High Pressure Nozzles supplying phenomenal cooling power.

Ideal for indoor / outdoor worksites for relief of heat stress. Needs to be connected to mains (or similar) water supply. This unit helps meet current OHS obligations which require that workers working in heat stress conditions are given pro-rata rest and recovery periods. Improves worker comfort and reduces heat stress.