Super Polecat Wastewater Evaporator

Super Polecat Wastewater Evaporator

The SUPER POLECAT Water Evaporator is an energy efficient design with a throw of over 61m that will efficiently and reliably evaporate excess water in large-scale dewatering projects.

Super Polecat Water Evaporators - The Benefits :

  • This mobile water evaporator has the advantage of being quickly and easily re-positioned on any site , allowing the Operator to take advantage of changing wind direction and wind speed.
  • The high air velocity from the unique fan and barrel design combines with optimized water droplets to increase evaporation rates.
  • Critical components are manufactured from stainless steel for extended life in extreme environments
  • Flexible spray plume height – to adjust spray ‘drift’ ensures greater evaporation efficiency in constantly changing winds and ensures a high evaporation rate due to the extended ‘hang time’ of water droplets in the air.

Download Brochure : pdfSUPER-POLECAT-Evaporator-2014


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