PROBE Mobile Water Atomisers

PROBE Mobile Water Atomisers

If you have either a dust or odour control  issue on site - where power or water are not readily available -  the solution is a MOBILE Rotary Atomiser.

Benefits of the MOBILE Diesel/Petrol WATER ATOMISER

  • This system can be quickly towed to the required location
  • Includes a 1000 Lt onboard water tank
  • Atomiser speed 2,000 – 11,000 rpm
  • 240V power (diesel or petrol)
  • is fully self-sufficient with its own water and power supply
  • An extreme duty system which can handle any terrain
  • Used in conjunction with AIROPURE™ Atmospheric Cleanser , the rotary atomiser is currently proving a powerful and effective odour / dust control solution at a landfill site in Hong Kong with an operating capacity of 62Mm3.

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