Flood Protection Barriers

The Hydrosack and Hydrosnake are a state of the art, cost effective solution to emergency flood protection. Unbeatable for performance, storage and ease of use.

With the increasing risk of floods due to changes in global weather patterns, there is no better way to be prepared for an emergency. The new Hydrosack and Hydrosnake take up very little room in storage and are extremely light when dry. Replacing old fashioned sandbags, there is no longer a need for sand, just use the water that is causing the problem in the first place.

Even better, Hydrosack and Hysdrosnake can be used around the home or business, to soak up leaks, contain or direct water, and even as ballast for signs or temporary structures like gazebos or small Marquees.

For more information visit www.hydrosack.com.au

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