Scientific studies confirm that the temperature in closed environments can have a significant impact on the productivity, and that the “comfort zone” is located between 22°C and 25°C. The chart below, based on research from the Helsinki University of Technology’s ‘Effects of Temperature on Work Performance in Office Environments’, shows how the relative productivity changes with temperature.

The Rotary Atomiser/water atomizer utilises a totally different technique from mainstream  systems, which typically rely simply on spraying water through a nozzle. Instead, it produces a spray which covers up to a remarkable 30 linear metres by using a spinning head to produce millions of microscopic droplets of water that create a superfine mist which disperses evenly and uses only a tiny fraction of the water and electricity consumed by nozzle-based systems.


  • How does Mist Cooling work? +

    Installation of a COLDMIST mist cooling system permits the atomization of water to micro droplets around 6-8 microns in size. Read More
  • Will the misting system cause wetting? +

    The simple answer is NO. Correctly installed and operated a mist cooling system will not cause wetting. Read More
  • Do I have to use a pump or can I operate my mist cooling system directly from mains water? +

    A misting system without a high pressure pump is a micro IRRIGATION system—good for plants , bad for cooling !  The HIGH PRESSURE Read More
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