Fogmaster® Drum Mounted ULV (ultra low volume) fogger for Odour Control and sanitizing/disinfecting larger areas.

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200ltr Drum for Fogmaster



The Fogmaster DM7421 - drum mounted fogging system features precision control of particle size, from a dry 7 micron droplet to the larger particles of conventional fogging and misting equipment.


  • ULV application provides greater penetration and diffusion of fog particles, allowing more concentrated solutions to be used and shortening application times.
  • Also, the higher surface-to-volume ratio of small droplets makes them superior for odour control and other gas contact applications.
  • With precision control and variable output (0-300mls / min), the Fogmaster DM 7421 can handle both oil or water-based solutions.
  • Easily calibrated in the field to accommodate differences in solution viscosity and density.
  • Technologically advanced fogging – with controlled flow and particle size.


FogMaster® Application Sites include:

  • waste treatment plants
  • paper mills
  • fruit and vegetable packing and storing sheds
  • food storage and food preparation facilities
  • abattoirs



Motor   1 Hp.,  240VAC, 4.0 amp

Fogging Nozzle


High-shear, vortex design nozzle

Particle Size


7-30 micron VMD, adjustable



Water- and oil-based solutions

Liquid Flow Rate


0-300 ml/min, adjustable
Nine-turn vernier control valve, memory lock



Mounts to chemical drum (not included unless on hire)
Materials of
  Power head, drum adapter - aluminium
Tubing - fuel and oil resistant vinyl
Control valve - glass filled nylon, stainless stem, Viton® seal
Fittings - brass
Nozzle - Celcon



H x L x Diameter:   39 x 32 x 22 cm

Shipping Weight


5.5 Kg

Warranty Period


One year

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