420 F Pond-based Water Evaporators

420 F Pond-based Water Evaporators

The 420F Pond-based Evaporator is a floating unit designed to increase the evaporation rate on sites where OVERSPRAY/SPRAY DRIFT is an EPA issue.

Floating Evaporators – Benefits of the 420F system :

  • This pond-based evaporator has a low plume height for shorter drift distance of spray droplets and to allow longer operation in swirling or constantly changing winds.
  • Annual evaporation rates of up to 70% have been achieved!
  • In conjunction with the premium Smart H20™ automation package, the 420 evaporator series will instantly and automatically  ‘self- adjust’ to changing climate conditions day or night – ensuring 100%  evaporation rate of throughput water
  • This system includes a vibration sensor which shuts down the evaporator motor before a catastrophic failure caused by residue or ice build-up.
  • The 420F Evaporator offers many advantages when compared to alternative dewatering methods - 
  • Minimal clogging as the evaporator can pass particles up to 5mm in diameter – this eliminates the need for pre-filtering – no filter cleaning required and no clogged nozzles!
  • High speed fan blade rotation (3600 rpm) that creates an optimum water droplet distribution for accelerated evaporation rates.
  • The 420 Floating Evaporator extreme duty design has evolved from 14 years experience working with - and delivering - evaporation solutions for the mining industry and other extreme water treatment applications.
  • The floating pontoons are filled with close celled polyurethane foam, ensuring buoyancy even after any accidental puncturing that may occur of the plastic outer shell.
  • Critical components are constructed of stainless steel for extended life in harsh environmental conditions.
  • For acidic or high alkaline water applications or a highly corrosive environment, ColdMist offers a TOP CORROSIVE evaporator model with chemical resistant coating on the boom, platform and base frame. Alternatively - the evaporator boom can be produced in stainless steel.

Download Brochure: pdf420F-Evaporator-2014

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