Humidity Control Solutions

There are many Commercial and Industrial applications where artificially controlled humidity levels can provide a significant improvement to the end product. By specifically setting and maintaining humidity, temperature and air exchange levels, overall profitability for the entire operation is increased.

Benefits of controlling humidity in industrial and commercial environments

  • Ensure proper EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content) levels in processing plants
  • Reduce static electricity in textile mills
  • Maintain ideal moisture content and reduce wastage — especially in fresh produce displays and fruit and vegetable packing sheds
  • Maximize product stability and handling during manufacturing processes
  • Reduce the incidence of dust fires
  • Reduce the rate of evaporation in wine barrel storage areas and cellars
  • Greenhouse humidification promotes rapid growth in seedlings , increases plant yields, improves quality of the crops and reduces plant diseases.
Coldmist Humidity Control Solutions include:

SKOV 1250mm Industrial Misting Fan – exchanges a massive 35,000 cubic meters of air per hour and is ideal for large scale cooling or humidification applications

• Includes a  2.5Lpm / 1000 PSI High Pressure Pump/Controller and 28-nozzle misting matrix delivering a phenomenal fogging output - also ideal for  cooling workers on construction sites,  construction workers in tunnels and providing heat stress relief for personnel working on mine sites.

U-SERIES Professional Humidifiers – Rated IP 55, these centrifugal, nozzle free water fracturing systems incorporate adjustable water flow and can be connected to a 24-Hour Timer Control.

The NEBULA Humidification Network includes temperature and humidity sensors and is designed for very large areas or greenhouses. This network system calculates and regulates the precise amount of water to be evaporated in order to reach the target humidity level.

NEBULA specializes in both cooling and humidification solutions. The heart of the system is a nozzle-free Rotary Atomiser which spins at a very high speed system producing micro droplets which are emitted into the air as a superfine cooling mist .

The ColdMist PRO-Series Water Atomizers produce a high-volume, ultrafine mist and being nozzle-free will not clog. Spray droplets of varying micron sizes – from 20 µ to 150 µ – can be achieved. These systems are extremely easy to install and operate and provide evaporative solutions  for a diverse range of industrial applications.

Humidification Applications

  • Greenhouse Cooling and Humidification +

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  • Humidity Control in Wine Cellars +

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  • Maintain Ideal Relative Humidity in Paper Mills +

    Maintain Ideal Relative  Humidity in Paper Mills As paper products can readily gain and lose moisture, a constantly controlled humidity level is critical to consistent and improved Read More
  • Wood Products – maintaining Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) +

    Wood Products – maintaining Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) Maintaining the Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) in the woodworking industry is a KEY factor to improving both the quality and Read More
  • Maintain optimal Relative Humidity (RH) in textile manufacturing +

    Maintain optimal Relative Humidity (RH) in textile manufacturing A critical part of the process in textile production is properly maintained humidity levels, usually between 50% and 65% - this Read More
  • Tobacco Conditioning +

    Tobacco Conditioning Benefits of Humidifiers in the tobacco curing process - Aquafog HRSM mobile fogging systems are excellent, efficient humidifiers. These units will Read More
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