Humidity Control Solutions

There are many Commercial and Industrial applications where artificially controlled humidity levels can provide a significant improvement to the end product. By specifically setting and maintaining humidity, temperature and air exchange levels, overall profitability for the entire operation is increased.

Benefits of controlling humidity in industrial and commercial environments

  • Ensure proper EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content) levels in processing plants
  • Reduce static electricity in textile mills
  • Maintain ideal moisture content and reduce wastage — especially in fresh produce displays and fruit and vegetable packing sheds
  • Maximize product stability and handling during manufacturing processes
  • Reduce the incidence of dust fires
  • Reduce the rate of evaporation in wine barrel storage areas and cellars
  • Greenhouse humidification promotes rapid growth in seedlings , increases plant yields, improves quality of the crops and reduces plant diseases.

AQUAFOG Mobile Fogging System

AQUAFOG  Mobile Fogging System

Extreme duty indoor/outdoor mobile fogger.

Benefits - AQUAFOG mobile fogging system

  • 68 Lt reservoir tank with large mouth opening is ideal for adding chemicals for odour control or sterilization applications
  • Has a throw of up to 10m
  • No-clogging , nozzle-free, centrifugal fogger
  • Can withstand humid conditions as high as 100% RH as well as corrosive environments containing salts, lime ammonia and other acidic compounds
  • Built-in water filter
  • Water tight electrical enclosures
  • Water Output : up to 106 Lt/hour

Applications include :

  • Large scale humidification
  • Greenhouse fungicide fogging
  • Rotational mold cooling
  • Fumigation using liquid chemicals

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