Nozzle Based Mist Cooling Systems

Nozzle Based Mist Cooling Systems

Coldmist Cooling is designed to operate where conventional air conditioning is not practical, possible or simply too expensive. As a derivative of the climate control systems used in livestock cooling applications such as - chicken hatcheries, piggeries and dairies - the design incorporates the injection of water pressurized to 1000 psi through specially designed and patented misting nozzles. The resultant finely atomized 5 micron water droplets, when introduced into the surrounding air  - effectively flash evaporate and reduce the ambient temperature by 10- 12° C.

PRE-COOLING applications :
Coldmist nozzle-based misting system – is customized around the HVAC unit and installed and commissioned according to the demands of individual projects. Water filters and a high pressure pump/controller are integral to this system which will significantly reduce energy usage.

With correctly applied methodology a temperature reduction of up to 12° C is achieved with virtually no increase in humidity. As our partners, we have chosen the Danish company SKOV , international suppliers of highly specialized climate control equipment.

Coldmist offers 2 types of misting nozzle distribution systems:

1. The high pressure SLIPLOCK fogging system which allows for easy installation - without the requirement for special tools  - (components are designed to push-fit together ). This system includes - UV resistant, high pressure nylon tubing rated 1800psi, solid brass misting nozzles fitted with anti-drip adaptors and solid brass misting accessories.

2. The high pressure patented FLEXCLAMP fogging system incorporates stainless steel tubing, stainless pipe joiners and all stainless steel misting accessories.    IMPORTANT : This system requires the tubing to be pre-punched prior to installation. 


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