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Why Evaporate Wastewater ?

Assisted Evaporation is increasingly being considered as a extremely efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional wastewater treatment processes eg. Reverse Osmosis, Desalination or Chemical Dosing.

The wastewater evaporation process may be carried out naturally in solar evaporation ponds (a very slow process involving a great deal of land area) - or - by mechanical evaporators ! Natural solar evaporation is often limited by land availability and the cost of  constructing storage ponds/tailing dams - not to mention the additional cost of removing site debris  and re-vegetation of the area.

Water evaporator systems can rapidly increase  the evaporation rate in storage ponds, with up to 14 times more efficiency than natural solar evaporation. These robust, extreme-duty wastewater evaporators offer a low-cost solution to increase the evaporation rate of excess water in existing water storage dams and obviate the cost of constructing additional ponds.

Coldmist Australia delivers complete wastewater solutions - from initial site analysis to highly advanced centralized computer-controlled evaporator systems. We monitor droplet size and climate data, then modulate flow at each individual evaporator to maximize evaporation efficiency and contain spray drift within the operational area. 



  • How does Mist Cooling work? +

    Installation of a COLDMIST mist cooling system permits the atomization of water to micro droplets around 6-8 microns in size. Read More
  • Will the misting system cause wetting? +

    The simple answer is NO. Correctly installed and operated a mist cooling system will not cause wetting. Read More
  • Do I have to use a pump or can I operate my mist cooling system directly from mains water? +

    A misting system without a high pressure pump is a micro IRRIGATION system—good for plants , bad for cooling !  The HIGH PRESSURE Read More
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