Hydrosnake 2pack

Hydrosnake Pack
Hydrosnake PackHydrosnake
AUD23.00 each


Use Hydrosnake for flood prevention and when direction of excess water is needed. A highly effective barrier to the threat of flood water in domestic and commercial properties.

HydroSnakes are an essential accessory for plumbers or wherever there is danger of flooding.

HydroSnake has the ability to absorb up to 20 litres of water and weighs approx 20 kg once saturated.

Placing the Hydrosnake in areas where there is water leakage will limit the danger of flooding as it absorbs water and then creates a barrier. The Hydrosnake is ideal for door protection, warehouse and garage entrances or to protect machinery. They can be stacked or folded according to the protection required.


Weight (per 2pack ) : 1kg

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