Tobacco Conditioning

Benefits of Humidifiers in the tobacco curing process -

Aquafog HRSM mobile fogging systems are excellent, efficient humidifiers. These units will rapidly add humidity during the tobacco curing stage to help keep the product in good condition as it is prepared for handling and sending to market. Aquafog’s unique design atomizes liquid as it is released through the fan blades. The result is high quality fog for humidification and forced air circulation for uniform humidity distribution. These foggers are easy to install and can accept ordinary water supplies, even from a well or pond without clogging. Good quality fog and a competitive price make Aquafog ideal for tobacco conditioning.

Industry Applications

  • Industrial Low Volume Water Evaporation +

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  • Rotational mould cooling +

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  • Concrete Curing +

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  • People Cooling at Festivals +

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  • Evaporative spot cooling in factories +

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